Our Story

Our Mission.

As a customer we want the best quality and a great price, traditional watchmakers gave customers a choice of one or the other. So following our motto to challenge everything we disobeyed tradition to create OVO Watches, crafted from finest quality material at a radical price point and then threw in beautiful designs for free.

Our mission is simple, to create luxury quality watches without the inflated markups of the traditional players. We are able to achieve this by taking out the bloat from the industry; going direct to customers and cutting out middle men, not paying celebrities for endorsement or telling you that you need our chronograph to fly an airplane, being online only and trusting that our customers will be our true spokesperson and partners in this journey.

How OVO Came to Be.

  Act I: The Spark 

It all started with a small conversation among friends, sitting on a patio enjoying the end of summer and talking about everything. One thing led to another and we moved to the topic of watches. I wanted a new watch for my collection and I asked for recommendations. In midst of our discussion, Vincent exclaimed “I gotta show you something” and pulled out his phone and showed me a video of a Tourbillon watch. At first I did not find the open face showing the mechanical parts great but soon I was enamored by the spinning carousel. I knew I wanted one. 

Act 2: The Discovery

After looking at some of the options out there, we were shocked to see the prices being charged for Tourbillon watches. We realized a Tourbillon was complex to make but in today’s technology age it just did not seem justified for such high prices. So out of curiosity we started to look into the Watch industry and realized that:

  • A lot of the major brands are actually owned by a handful of companies.
  • There are even fewer companies that produce the watch movements and supply these movements to others. So the same watch movement can potentially be found in a $500 watch and a $5,000 watch. Finally, the functional difference between comparable movements is non-existent.
  • The designer brands just license their brand name to existing manufactures and get paid royalties.  These designer brand watches are manufactured all over the world from Switzerland to China.
  • The markups are huge and there is a lot of money spent on endorsements and marketing.
  • 'Swiss Made' at minimum means that 50% of the movement’s components must be Swiss-made and must be assembled in Switzerland. This means Swiss quality depends on the amount of work actually carried out on a watch in Switzerland, even if foreign components are used in it.

The myth about quality was shattered and we looked at some of existing watches in our collection feeling very unimpressed and ripped off.

Act 3: The Action

There is a range of quality that is used to make watches and we appreciate good quality material. But at the same time felt the price being charged for them was unreasonable. I still wanted my Tourbillion; quality made and not cost as much as a car. We know there are more people like us out there who want good quality and a great price and so the OVO Watch Company was born.